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μnix Project

The μnix project is an endeavour to create a complete workstation and UNIX-like OS using standard logic IC's and 8-bit AVR microcontrollers.

Government Sanctioned RPG

Government Sanctioned is an espionage RPG about the player character, a newly sworn-in federal agent, who starts to question the motives and allegiances of his secret government employer. When the player encounters Dr. X, the player decides to pursue the truth and unravel the web of deception and cover-ups that he is mired in. But when the player learns of his own agency's involvement in the global conspiracy, he must decide what path to take and whose side he is really on by uncovering the hidden truth, in spite of the fact that rival agents – and even agents from his own faction – are on his trail.

Battle Droids

A Battle Droid is an AVR® microcontroller running the BattleDroid firmware. This firmware turns your AVR into a lean, mean, fighting machine, and through the accompanying software, lets your droid connect to the Internet to wage war against other Battle Droids.


The complete open source intelligent home automation system is called OpenHouseware. An OH system is comprised of several key elements including the OH C3 Server which runs on Linux and manages your entire house and system.