Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
OpenDesign Strategies

ODS is a community-driven 501(c)6non-profit open source solutions providerthat manages and sponsors novel anddiverse hardware and software projects.

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Tue, Dec 4, 2011

ODS' application for 501(c)6 federal non-profit status has been submitted. Keep your fingers crossed!

Sun, Oct 29, 2011

ODS have packaged up a downloadable archive for the AVR Terminal app.

Thu, Oct 2, 2011

We've opened up our live chat system to the public. If you have a question or suggestion come ask us!

What We Offer

Open source project management, developer mentoring, community propagation of scientific and educational interests

We initiate, subsidize, and sponsor innovative open source projects, can lend our insight in managing large open source projects to junior project managers, and we always push back our "lessons learned" and knowledge gained to the open source community.

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What's the Catch?

It's refreshing to know there is no catch

ODS offers its services and products openly and freely to the community for any use. That's why we support secure and non-restrictive OSI-approved licenses like the CDDL, Apache License, BSD, and MIT Licenses. To support this we require our contributors to agree to an industry-standard CLA and in some pre-release/alpha/beta projects an NDA.

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